What a Smile Makeover Can Do For You

Your teeth are a crucial part of your overall health. If your smile is dulled or damaged, it’s difficult to protect your teeth from future harm. It also may be hard to feel confident in your grin.  

Are you struggling with your smile? Jackman Family Dentistry is here to help! We’re experts in smile makeovers, and we offer a variety of treatments to help strengthen your teeth and give you your confidence back. Call Jackman Family Dentistry today at 707-608-6973 for an appointment in Vacaville, CA. 

At-Home Care

The integrity of your teeth is a crucial part of your overall oral health. Adopting or continuing a consistent, at-home oral care routine is essential to keeping your teeth in good shape. 

  • Brushing – Make sure you’re brushing for two minutes at least twice a day. Your toothbrush should be the right size for you. Bristle hardness matters, too! If you choose a brush that’s too firm, you could be agitating your gums. 
  • Flossing – Yes, flossing is just as important. The best way to make flossing less painful is to do it regularly — at least once a day. Your floss can be waxed, flavored, or biodegradable. As long as you’re flossing on either side of every tooth and getting the floss down to your gums, you’re on the right track.
  • Diet – Try to avoid enamel-destroying foods and drinks like candy or soft drinks when possible. Eating leafy greens and good sources of protein will also help keep your teeth’s enamel strong. 

Let’s Get That Smile Strong!

You deserve a stronger smile! Make an appointment to discuss your options for strengthening your mouth. 

Keeping your teeth in good shape starts at home, but you can think of our smile makeover as boot camp for your teeth. We offer some options to fortify your oral care routine and kick those teeth into the best version they can be!

  • Tooth Bonding – If your teeth are cracked or chipped, tooth bonding is an excellent choice! The composite bond is made up of resin filling. It’s also tooth-colored to closely match the color of your existing teeth.
  • Orthodontics – Do you need orthodontic care? We offer that in-office! Stop by to talk about ClearCorrect or ceramic braces for a nearly invisible solution to your crooked smile.
  • Crowns and Bridges – Crowns and bridges are a great way to repair or replace any damaged or missing teeth. It’ll restore the look and strength of your teeth.

Confident + Complete 

Do you want to feel confident in your smile again? Repairing the strength of your teeth can help with that, but we also offer cosmetic dentistry procedures to take care of your individual smile and restore low esteem. 

  • Teeth Whitening – Professional teeth whitening is the best option for dull or strained teeth. Over the counter or drugstore whitening kits may be cheaper, but they lack the strength and continued look of professional whitening. We deliver safe, professional-grade results. 
  • Veneers – This option, made of thin shells over your natural teeth, provides a quick option for a perfect, complete smile. 
  • Dentures – To make your smile full and bright, we provide high-quality dentures. 

Whether you’re looking for a self-esteem boost or confidence in the workplace or personal relationships, we have options to restore your confidence alongside your smile!

Ready to hear about your options for a smile makeover? Call Jackman Family Dentistry today at 707-608-6973 for an appointment in Vacaville, CA. You can also online. We’ll help your smile shine again!